Unlike other methods MostCare work on the pressure wave, the method analyses and identifies all the pressure profile points during one heart cycle (systolic phase + diastolic phase of a heart beat).
The Stroke Volume (SV [ml]) is obtained directly from the relationship between the total area and the impedance of the cardiocirculatory system without any other parameters that are pre-calculated or obtained by means of CO calibration using other techniques.
The SV is the relationship between the total area underneath the pressure curve (diastolic-dichrotic) and the total impedance of the system: the results are therefore the “sum” of a “prevalently pulsatory” contribution superimposed on a “prevalently continuous” contribution for both the area and the impedance.
Contributing to this impedance are all the profile points of a heart cycle (in both the systolic and diastolic phase).
The pressure points thus obtained allow for estimating the total impedance of the cardiocirculatory system, and are in fact assessed and weighed in a different manner depending on the morphology of the pressure wave. In this way it is possible to identify all the impedance components contributing to the SV (Patent 1999, Patent Pending USA).

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